Download herunder ph.d.-afhandlinger, som afdelingen Folkesundhed og Rehabiteringsforskning (DEFACTUM) på MarselisborgCentret har udgivet eller vejledt:

Comparison of two multidisciplinary rehabilitation programmes in patients with chronic low back pain - A randomised controlled trial


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Rikke Rosbjergs ph.d.-afhandling

Return to work in employees
undergoing chemotherapy for cancer
- the role of physical activity and self-efficacy


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Kathrine Halds ph.d.-afhandling

Long-term follow-up on the effect of
socially differentiated cardiac rehabilitation
- evaluated by clinical outcomes, secondary prevention and use of health care services

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Janni Strøms ph.d.-afhandling

Web-based support targeting anxiety and depression by featuring social interaction and animated information

A review of factors associated with anxiety and depression together with clinical evaluation


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Line Molls ph.d.-afhandling

Sick leave due to neck or shoulder pain: Interventions, MRI assessment and prognosis


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Tove Lise Nielsens ph.d.-afhandling

Home-based occupational therapy for community-dwelling older adults

A study of effect and participants' perspective


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Monica Milter Ehlers ph.d.-afhandling

Older Community-dwelling adults with hip fracture, relatives and multidisiplinary hospital-based and minicipal rehabilitation teams


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Pernille Pedersens ph.d.-afhandling

Labour market participation of individuals on sick leave with mental health problems


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Charlotte Handbergs ph.d.-afhandling

Male cancer patients and healthcare professionals at hospitals: An interpretive description of men’s barriers to participation in municipal cancer rehabilitation


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Trine Allerslev Horsbøls ph.d.-afhandling

Labour market participation for patients diagnosed with haematological malignancies
- Observational and longitudinal studies on disability pension, return to work and long-term sickness absence


Downloade Trine Allerslev Horsbøls ph.d.-afhandling her

Bjarne Rose Hjortbaks ph.d.-afhandling

Det professionelle faglige skøn
- en undersøgelse af professionelles faglige skøn ved vurdering af behov for kommunalt forankret rehabilitering hos borgere med kræft


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Ph.d.-afhandlingen kan bestilles i trykt udgave her

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Christina  Malmose Stapelfeldts ph.d.-afhandling

Workplace-registered sick leave in the municipal eldercare sector:
Identification of risk factors of long-term sick leave and disability pension


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Bodil Bjørnhaves ph.d.-afhandling

Clinical routine rehabilitation of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at regional hospital


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Anders Lindehofs ph.d.-afhandling

Practice makes perfect
- a longitudinal, qualitative study of obese adolescents’ and their parents’ experiences of the adolescents’ obesity and weight loss attempts


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Kirsten Schiltz Petersens ph.d.-afhandling

Brugerinddragelse i rehabilitering.
En kvalitativ undersøgelse af borgerens perspektiv.


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Ole Kudsks ph.d.-afhandling

Diffuse central sensitazation of the Nociceptive System
in patients with low back pain and sickness absence
- Influence of baseline diffuse hyperalgesia, pain thresholds on thumbnails, structural and functional spinal factors, and psychosocial factors


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Birgit Drews ph.d.-afhandling

Deskriptive studier og forbyggende interventioner.


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Peter Eshøjs ph.d.-afhandling

Udstødning fra arbejdsmarkedet
- studie af prædikatorer og forbyggende interventioner


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Claus Vinther Nielsens ph.d.-afhandling

Graviditetsforløb blandt gravide udsat for skærmterminalarbejde og stående, gående arbejde


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